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Save Kid's eyesite


As of June 30, 2011 World Peace Flag Organization has terminated all partnerships 

with the Better Vision for Children Foundation.  For more information on amblyopia
visit hollywoodvision.com

   Amblyopia is commonly referred to as a "lazy eye". Amblyopia is a 

developmental problem of reduced vision that is not correctable to 20/20

with any prescription or surgery, and is not a result of eye disease.
This usually occurs because that eye did not receive proper stimulation
during the first few years of a child's life while the visual system was

There are two types of amblyopia (lazy eye): refractive and
strabismic. Refractive amblyopia can develop when there is a large
difference in the power or prescription of the eyes. For example, if one
eye is much more farsighted than the other eye, it receives a blurry
image compared to the stronger eye. The brain ignores the image from the
blurry eye, to avoid confusion of seeing a blurry image simultaneously
with a clearer image. Because of this suppression of the weaker eye, the
associated visual pathway doesn't develop to the same level of
sharpness as the other eye because of lack of a clear image to stimulate
those nerves. Passive treatment for this type of amblyopia is patching
of the eye that is stronger to force use of the "lazy" eye. Patching
for amblyopia or lazy eye has to be done with a full prescription in
place, and should be done only during stationary activities where there
is no risk for harm or injury while using the weaker eye to see.
Patching for amblyopia should only be done under an Optometrist's

The other type of amblyopia, strabismic amblyopia, results when the
two eyes are not straight. The brain suppresses or ignores the image
from the eye that drifts or wanders to avoid seeing double vision. Long
term suppression of one eye leads to amblyopia since the brain is not
using that eye.

The best treatment for lazy eye or amblyopia is Vision Therapy, a
type of physical therapy for the eyes. Surgery cannot treat amblyopia by
itself. Surgery may decrease the amount of an eye turn cosmetically,
but Vision Therapy is still needed to train the eyes to work together,
and to stimulate the weaker eye to track, fixate, and see. Surgery
usually requires multiple surgeries unless Vision Therapy is done to
train the brain how to use the eyes together. It's like doing knee
surgery without going through Physical Therapy: you cannot get a
functional cure without doing therapy to improve eye muscle control and

Vision Therapy for amblyopia works on:

  • Improving clarity of eyesight by stimulating the lazy eye. Patching
    one eye during Vision Therapy and recommended activities allows the
    weaker eye to be used more.

  • Straightening the eyes by improving eye muscle coordination

  • Gaining depth perception by training sensory fusion of the two images after eliminating suppression of one eye

Vision Therapy can be successful at any age, but is recommended to begin as soon as possible to enjoy a lifetime of good vision


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