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ICANcan ISBN#1-877616-00-1

WARNING: The contents of your can may be benefical to your health, wealth and happiness....




             Front side                                         Back side    

INGREDIENTS:  Each can stand 4 1/2 inches high, colorfully labeled and contain a 131 page workbooklet and motivational/subliminal mini CD that will guide you thru the visualization and attainment of your goals.  You will experience motivation direction in setting your goals while using the enclosed booklet and you will also be able to listen to "new age" soft subliminal music with postive affirmations  Listed below are a few of the affirmations

Soon you will be able to order your ICANcan at www.ICANcan.biz

email:  Music@worldpeaceflag.org to be notifed when available.




1. What goal setting will do for you

2. How to formulate your goals

3. The 12 easy steps in setting and achieving your goals

4. The power of your sub-conscious

5 Subliminal Music

6. The success reservoir


1. Make more money

2. Lose weight forever

3. Have better relationships

4. Stop drugs-ahcohol

5. Stop smoking forever

6. Reach the top

7. Be confident

8. Have positive self-esteem

9. Your dreams are yours....

Affirmations for Subliminal “I CAN – CAN” Book & Tape/CD

Webster’s Dictionary defines the subliminal or subconscious mind as: “the mind below the threshold of conscious perception.

On Side B of the “I CAN-can” cassette tape/CD are positive affirmations listed below. As you can see we have split the affirmations so that they are directed to the most appropriate side of the brain.

To best understand this principle, clench your hands together and make two fists. Now, place first and second knuckles together with your thumbs towards your body. Your fists in this position are the approximate size of your brain. That is, unless you have the hands of a wide receiver. There is a correlation between the appearance of your hands and the brains’ abilities. The bumps created by the knuckles, veins, and creases – the more information stored. Now imagine that you have a gray glove on your left hand and a white one on the right. There are, in fact. Slight differences in the color between the two hemispheres caused by different rates of development. The mismatched-glove concept will help you remember that the left side of the brain has gray matter, the stuff that makes you smart by society’s standards: facts, figures, dates, and the ability to speak, for this side of your brain has a lump that houses language. Basically, it’s the analytical side. These affirmations are played to the right ear, directed to the left side of your subconscious mind. The right side of your brain is lighter in color. It can process a wide variety of visual, emotional, and sensory information, hunches or gut feelings. Basically, the playful, physical and creative side. These affirmations re played to the left ear, directed to the right side of your subconscious mind.

The more you listen to this tape/cod, the more powerful it will be for you. Although it is beneficial to listen to it via any loud speaker system, in view of the foregoing facts you will gain the most out of this side of the tape by listening to it with headphones on as the affirmations are directed to the best side of the brain.

LOGICAL (Left brain – right ear)

My goals can be positive and satisfying to me.

Goals can make my life brighter and fuller.

I can be a successful goal planner and achiever.

I can set and achieve my goals.

I can write down my goals and set a time for each.

I can make a commitment to reach and exceed my goals.

I can be worthy of great goals.

I can easily arrange my goals in order.

I can because I can.

Success can come in cans.

All my investments of time and money can be profitable.

Goals can be success magnets; they flow to me easily and effortlessly.

Planning and succeeding can be fund and easy.

Goals can be the key to my success.

I can forever expand my career potential.

I am now working for goals now, goals are working for me.

Goal setting and achieving can be fun and easy for me.

I can be on a logical system.

I can be successful in every way.

I can – I know I can.

Goals can be the first step to reality.

I can create and accomplish my goals.

Goals can be the key to my success.

I can reach my goals ahead of time.

Goal planning can be easy and natural.

Goals can work out better than planned.

ACCEPTING (Right brain – left ear)

My goals are positive and satisfying to me.

Goals make my life richer and fuller.

I create and I succeed.

I am a successful goal planner and achiever.

I am setting and achieving my goals.

I write down my goals and set a time frame for each.

I make a commitment now, to reach and exceed my goals.

I am worth of great goals.

I now easily arrange my goals in order.

I can, because I believe I can.

I can when I think I can.

It is easier to succeed then to fail.

Success comes in cans.

All my investment of time and money are profitable.

Goals are the key to my success.

My goals re success magnets, they flow to me easily and effortlessly.

Planning and succeeding is fun and easy for me.

I am forever expanding my career potential.

I am not working for goals – now goals are working for me.

Goal setting and achievements is fun and easy, for me.

I am successful in every way.

I know – I can.

I enjoy creating and accomplishing my goals.

Goals are the key to my success.

I enjoy reaching my goals, ahead of time.

Goal planning is easy and natural.

Each goal works out better than planned



I am talking and you are listening. (This recorded many times at the subliminal level)

My daddy loves me.

My mommy loves me.

As I reach my goals I see greater goals.

Goals equal success.

My goals equal success.

My goals are to make a commitment to write down my goals.

My commitment is: I commit to my goals.

My goals are written down.

My goals are set; I’m set now and forever.

Goals are success, my goals are successful.

Goals are the first step to reality.

New, safe and exciting opportunities await me with each goal.

Goal success makes me feel great!!!

Copyright @ WIN, ISBN#- 1-877616-00-1  1989 Lyle J. Noorlun

Soon you will be able to order your ICANcan at ICANcan.Info


"It shows you how to TAKE CHARGE of your life's destiny"

Bob Gorby, Area Director - Toastmasters

"For winnning - it works, I use it for mental training with all my pro athletes"

Ron Allison - International Tennis Coach

"Very helpful,  I use them for gifts. people are very appreciative"

Mark Marth - President of California Lifestyle Magazine




1.  What goal setting will do for you

2.  How to formulate iyour goals

3.  The 12 easy steps in setting and achieving your goals

4.  The power of your sub-conscious

5 Subliminal Music

6.  The success reservoir



1.  Make more money

2.  Lose weight forever

3.  Have better relationships

4.  Stop drugs-ahcohol

5.  Stop smoking forever

6.  Reach the top

7.  Be confident

8.  Have positive self-esteem

9.  Your dreams are yours....

AMOUNT THE AUTHOR: Lyle J. Noorlun, Founder, www.WPFO.Org and www.PSN.CC

\  The Organization gives to people who donate a first in a series of 10 annual World Peace Flags and International Book of Facts as a gift for their contributions.  It provides other non-profits with a means of earning contributions.  The Flag and Book of Facts is an educational tool that teaches geography, peace and love.  Our mission is to help eliminate World hunger while teaching a person to feed themselves. 100% of net profits are given away.  Our By-Law state that no one person working for this Organization will ever receive more than $500 a week in salary.  Visit the web at worldpeaceflag.org. Currently, working to develop “Noah's Ark Renaissance Theme Parks” on each of 6 Continents with 100% of profits to Charities around the World. The project includes a Renascence Theme Park(s) and an exact replica(s) of Noah's Ark.  “Build it and they will come” visit www.PeaceSocial.Info

Noorlun has marketed financial planning products through Management Services where he was Senior Advisor for several Major Corporations.    Business and marketing experience to include 401K, 403 (b), Section 125's, Life-Health and Commercial Insurance.  Commercial Real Estate, 2nd Trust Deeds, Real Estate Partnerships, Limited Liability Co's, Telecommunications Business Opportunities, Annuities and other financial products.  he has developed, managed and sold several successful Insurance Agencies. 

During the last 30 years in business related services, he hired and trained 100's of salespeople.  He designed and taught two self-improvement courses: 1. "Grow as a Pro", designed for "how to" in the field of sales.  This course consists of 22 hours of classroom training, and 2. "Adventures in Attitude", designed basically to get rid of "Stinking Thinking" course time 25 hours.  Also, he has written, designed and produced a goal setting and achieving program entitled "I CAN-can”.  Consists of a colorful labeled tin can, which stands 4 V2 inches high and contains a 131 page book and motivational/subliminal cassette tape that will guide a person through the visualization and attainment of their goals.  Additionally, I've designed and taught a four-hour course entitled "Action Plan & Business Goal Strategies".  A "How to Succeed" business plan.  He has been a member of the million dollar round table and received many Achievement Awards for production.  It has always been important to me to be at the top of sales contests.  He has completed Life Underwriters Training Counsel and parts of Certified Life Underwriters.  He familiar with most of the major computer programs and Internet Marketing.  Over the last several years he taken and completed courses at the Hollywood Film Institute relative to Film Production, Directing, Screen writing, Acting for Beginners and Film Editing.  With this knowledge I've produced five videos relative to Financial and Estate Planning.  They are each 13 to 18 minutes long and are entitled (1) Do I Need a Living Trust? (2) Charitable Giving Remainder Trust (3) Estate Taxes Paid for Pennies on the Dollar (4) Long Term Care Alternatives and (5) CD's vs.  SAFE Tax Deferred Alternatives All of these videos were produced with graphs, still pictures and charts. Currently, he is in pre-productions for two movies “War FACTS” and “Fargo's Noah”..


 Two years Business College at Washington State, Life Underwriters Training Counsel, Certified Life Underwriters, Prudential Insurance PITP (3 years sales/product training) Securities Training, Hollywood Film Institute and numerous evening classes for Computer, Internet,  and business related studies.  Completed the public speaking course Toastmaster.  Many years practitioner of Tai Chi and Qigong


 Male, physically active in excellent health.  He enjoys leaning and teaching.  He is a moral individual with high integrity and believe all virtuous endeavors are possible with the help of our Creator.   www.FargosNoah.com

If you would like to see this re-production of the ICANcan with the current cassette tape replace with mini  CD visit: 


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