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THINK video


HERE to view WAR FACTS Trailer

comes a time in every person's life when he or she must be presented
with information that makes them SIT DOWN and THINK. This may be your
time to do so.

are NOT endorsing the video content on this page, but are THINKING
about it.The Creator has given you the RIGHT.....to.....THINK.


Lyle J. Noorlun LA, CA 888-339-3524

PROMOTING PEACE - Re-building Noah’s Ark via Music

World Peace Flag Organization (WPFO) is a US 501 c Non Profit
Organization, located in Playa Vista, CA and was established in
1996 for the purpose of raising funds to help underprivileged
children and their families with education, provide medical help,
feed, house the homeless and provide environmental education. 
The Organization gives to its supports a gift of one or more of its
first 6 annual peace flags in

a series of l0. On Dec 21, 2012, the end of the 5000 year old
Mayan/Aztec Calendar, the last annual flag will be selected and the
Human Family will vote to see which of the 10 annual Peace Flags will
become the Universal Flag of Peace. The ending of the Mayan/Aztec
Calendar notes the end of the dark ages and the beginning of 1,000
or more years of “new white light” or a bright beginning. The
Universe is leaving the age of Pisces and entering the age of
first 6 annual flags are educational tools which teach geography,
peace and love.   If you, your school or Organization have a
design for a Peace Flag the Organization is actively looking for its
“7th N 10” annual World Peace Flag which will be selected by the
Selections Committee December 21, 2009.

WPFO has
a partnership with Better Vision for Children Foundation (BVCF), a
501 c3 Non-Profit Organization located in San Diego, CA. It's
Founder, Tom Cataldo is happy to announce that
recently (8-09)
music artist, Stevie Wonder has competed a one minute Public Service
Announcement as spokesperson to be aired World wide.

BVC’s goals
are to prevent and cure partial or total blindness resulting from
amblyopia (lazy eye), autism, diabetes and eye cancer by (1)
Getting information to parents, pre-scholars, children's homes, etc.,
on the importance of getting pre-school children's eyes tested and
corrective measures performed by ophthalmologists and other
professionals with experience in screening and treating amblyopia (2)
A program of mass screening of one- to four-year-old children for
amblyopia, retinoblastoma- eye cancer with a newly improved digital
photo screener that can be operated by non-medical personnel and
partial funds from the effort of WPFO will go to obtaining Vans with
the equipment to go to churches for complementary screening of
children. (3) An area at Noah's’ Ark Theme Park(s) Hotel(s) will be
set aside for complementary screening.  The founder of BVC is
Tom Catalog, the inventor of ”First Alert” a senior emergency
life saving alert devise. The Organizations have united to sponsor a
“Forgiveness for Peace”Music Festivals: ) The first 1
annual will be a Universal Festival will be a 24-48 hour event,
performed in at least 6 major cities in different countries and will
be broadcast to over 160 countries on 08-09-10 featuring dozens of
well know artist who have helped in other humanitarian projects.
Also, to benefit from the event will be the US Marines “Toys for
Tots”. With WPFO share of the profits from the concerts its
short term goal is to re-build a replica of Noah’s Ark which will
be surrounded by a Renaissance/Irish fair type Theme Park and hotel
with all the profits to help in its mission.  Additionally, a
parade Float will be entered into the 2009 Hollywood Christmas,
Martin Luther King and applications has been made for the 1-01-09
Rose Bowl Parade 1-1-10.   The By-Laws of the Organization limit
any one person salary to be no more than $500.00 US a week.  The
Ark will be approximately a football field and a half long by 85 feet
high by 100 feet wide with three level and the top will be used as a
restaurant and/or a concert area for plays and music.  It will
be built out of a plastic type material and is expected to last 1,000
or more years.   The idea of re-building Noah’s Ark was
given to Mr Noorlun Nov 13, 1998 in his sleep and he states “it
will be build in our Creators time – not mine and I believe that
time is now” . Mr Noorlun: said “over the last 7 years a movie
synopsis has been distributed to the majors and most of the minor
motion pictures studios to produce the movie Noah’s Ark”.

11-15-09 WPFO be associated with the for Charity Social network
www.PeaceSocial.net The subscriber has the choice to either join the
Society Network for free or to donate $30.00 per month to charities.
If he choses to donate and brings three others who in turn bring in
three other PeaceSociety member he will
to receive income

of $33.00 and could soon be receiving $492.00 plus per month..
proceeds to help International charities. Also, available a
“Shopping for Peace”

Program whereas other Non-Profit and entrepreneurs can receive income
with very little effort.

A WIN-WIN opportunity
with this Home Based Business.  Non- If you know of a
Non-Profit Org they can have their own FREE new website which is
linked to 1,000 of Stores offering millions of peace and every day
items. Amazonian was the first to implement such a sharing of the
profits program with great success several years ago.  Join once
and receive a lifetime of income.  It is recommend that if your
are an individual that you wait until you begin to receive income
from your Peace
Social.net before joining this Affiliate
connection as there could be month fees.   You can receive from
2-55% rebates and override commissions to 9 levels.  If a
non-profit wants to distribute Peace Flags on a face to face basic a
consignment agreement is available.

    All moneys
for the Organizations are held in a secured merchant service account
and funds are distributed via Certified Public Account. 
Distributions of profits are  paid to Affiliates and the
balance will be distributed to Countries based upon population
percentages.  As an example, say the total population of
Australia was 10% of the World population.  Any established and
accredited charitable organization (s) in Australia would receive 10%
of the total profits.   The Flags are considered “Pieces of
Art” that is a magnificent reminder that we all share collectively
in the responsibilities of the World.

Organization has for its spokespersons Brian Cranston from the hit TV
Comedy  series “Malcolm in the Middle,” Susan Hoffman, Mrs.
International, Bryan Dattilo, star of NBC TV, “Days of Our Lives”
and Sabryn Genet, star of CBS TV “The Young and the Restless. The
World Peace Flag Organization was created so people will have an
opportunity to reach out and give to the less fortunate.  The
goals of the Organization are to not only help feed and house the
homeless but to give them a sense of dignity by teaching them to
provide for themselves.   Mr. Noorlun states we have the
resources and knowledge to eliminate World Hunger.  By
eliminating hunger we will consequently eliminate most reasons for
WAR.  Together we can and are making a World of Difference!  


HERE-Stevie Wonder Public Service Announcement2
and click on the TAB “Save Kids eye site” for short 1.5 minute
Video also visit: www.yellowismellowdownwithbrown.com