the dove is a symbol of peace.
These doves can be made
and hung as if flying around your room,
or sent with a message to your Peace Pal.

You will need:


  1. Start with a square piece of paper which you can make from any rectangle simply by folding up a short edge diagonally to meet the long side and cut off extra. Open flat.
  2. Fold square paper in half into rectangle and unfold again to lay flat.


  1. Fold (2) corners in to center line.


  1. Fold paper in half with triangles inside.


  1. Fold head down about 1/4 of top edge, creasing well.


  1. Fold head backwards on the same crease again creasing well.


  1. Fold (2) Return head to original position and push down on top fold, reversing the middle crease.


  1. Draw triangle shape and cut away shaded area to make wing and tail.


  1. Fold up wing. Turn Dove over and fold up other wing.


  1. Completed Dove can be decorated or hung just like this.