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ARTICLE # 1   


PROMOTING PEACE - Helping others - PSN.cc

    Noahs Ark Theme Park(s) for Int'l Causes

A US 501 Non- Profit Organization formed in 1996


Contact:: Lyle J. Noorlun - 949-392-1718

CONTACT: Lyle Noorlun, LA, CA 657-227-6069

PROMOTING PEACE - Re-building Noah’s Ark 




                      A US 501 Non- Profit Organization formed in 1996


CONTACT: Lyle Noorlun, LA, CA

PROMOTING PEACE - Re-building Noah’s Ark 


The World Peace Flag Organization (WPFO) is a US 501 c Non Profit Organization, located
in Playa Vista, CA and was established in 1996 for the purpose of raising funds to help underprivileged children and their families with education, provide medical help, feed, house the homeless and provide environmental education.  The Organization gives to its supports a gift of one or more of its 9 annual peace flags. The final 10
th annual peace flag will be selected on 12-21-2017 so if you have a design please submit it to support@worldpeaceflag.org The “9th N 10” annual peace flag has been selected and is know as The Childrens World Peace Flag, designed by Eleanor Buckley, Pt Reyes, CA, a lifetime promoter of peace AKA Peace women. The Children World Peace Flag was designed by children of the Bolinas / Stinson School and brought  forth in 1979 under the auspices of the United Nations' Year of the Child signed by Kurt Waldheim on 1/1/1979 On Dec 21, 2018, the Human Family will vote to see which of the 10 annual Peace Flags will become the Universal/Int/Global World Flag of Peace.  The annual flags are educational tools which teach geography, peace and love.

A 24 to 48 hours Forgiveness for Peace Music Festivals will be held around the World at several locations on Aug 9-12  and will be internet broadcast to over 160 countries. It will feature dozens of well known artists who have helped in other humanitarian projects.  Participating Canada,, London, Melbourne, Argentina, Tokyo, Singapore, Johannesburg, Dublin, and Hamburg. Also, special broadcast may be in To-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan, Rothera Research station Antarctica and Washington D.C. Many Global charities will benefit form this event.

With WPFO share of the profits from the concerts its short term goal is to re-build an exact replica of Noah Ark which will be surrounded by a Renaissance/Irish fair type Theme Park and hotel with all the profits to help in its mission. The Ark is being build by the Haman Family for the Human Family. The Ark may be located Hawaii, Orange or San Diego  areas (visit: www.FargosNoah.com) It will employee about 800 people and will bring in millions of revenue for the area. All International Theme Parks will be 100% owned by the Human Family. Additionally, a parade Float may be entered into the 2017 Hollywood Christmas, Martin Luther King Parade, and for the Rose Bowl Parade 1-1-18  The By-Laws of the Organization limit any one person salary to be no more than $500.00 US a week.  The Ark will be approximately a football field and a half long by 85 feet high by 100 feet wide with three level and the top will be used as a restaurant and/or a concert area for plays and music.  It may be partly built out of a plastic type material and is expected to last 1,000 or more years. The idea of re-building Noah Ark was given to Mr Noorlun Nov 13, 1996 in his sleep and he states it will be build in our Creators time not mine and I believe that time is now. The long term goals of the US Non Profit is to have a Noah's Ark Theme park on six of the seven continents with all of the proceeds to help with World causes. The first “Noah's Ark” Theme Park may be located in the Ventura County California area or Hawaii.

     Soon, WPFO be associated with www.PeaceSocial.info,.com &.org A free to join Social Network where the subscriber has the option to join others in the 'cause affiliate $30.00 per month program. If he chooses to subscribe to the optional “Cause Affiliate program and brings three others who in turn bring in three other PeaceSocial.com "Cause Affiliates"tm members and their causes may soon be receiving $486.00 US or more per month. A complementary ebook, by the founder of WPFO.org and its affiliate PSN.cc, Lyle Noorlun, entitled “The Secret Gift” can be found at www.PeaceSocial.Info   All proceeds to help US and Universal charities. Peace Flags are available on a consignment agreement for other Non-Profits.

Watch for the Movie/Video/Song “Our Fate”; a 28 minute Public Services Announcement (PSA) about a group of school kids who had a“spiritual experience” in “REDROCK Canyon” by Las Vegas, NV and helped stop “the violence all around us”. The PSA will be made available to the US 9,221 library and over 5 million US 1-12 grade schools.

    All moneys for the Organizations are held in a secured merchant service account and funds are distributed via Certified Public Account. Distributions of profits are  paid to Affiliates and the balance will be distributed to Countries based upon population percentages.  As an example, say the total population of Australia was 10% of the World population.  Any established and accredited charitable organization (s) in Australia would receive 10% of the total profits.   The Flags are considered Pieces of Art that is a magnificent reminder that we all share collectively in the responsibilities of the World.

      The Organization has for its spokespersons Brian Cranston – Breaking Bad and Malcolm In The Middle, Mrs. International Susan Hoffman, Bryan Dattilo, star of NBC TV, Days of Our Lives and Sabryn Genet, star of CBS TV The Young and the Restless. The World Peace Flag Organization was created so people will have an opportunity to reach out and give to the less fortunate.  The goals of the Organization are to not only help feed and house the homeless but to give them a sense of dignity by teaching them to provide for themselves.   Mr. Noorlun states we have the resources and knowledge to eliminate World Hunger.  By eliminating hunger we will consequently eliminate most reasons for WAR.  Together we can and are making a World of Difference! We appreciate our volunteers!!!


PSS: Volunteers appreciated: HAVE FUN! HELP US TO HELP OTHERS with Music Festival 8-9&10  : What area would you prefer to help with? 1. Artists-entertainment, 2. booth/program/concessions commission, 3. Concessions at time of event, 4. stage/backstage help, 5. media pr, TV- Internet- Ipod, mobile phone development, 6 Celebrity auction, 7. marketing or any other area of interest. If interested return email or contact and we will invite you to our next meeting to be held in the West LA area and/or via internet video conferencing. (some areas of help pay commissions) To volunteer please Email: support@worldpeaceflag.org your area of interest. The leader of each area will be asked to join the Board of Directors for music production. Can you help?

Currently, looking for a Co-Producer's in Canada, Argentina, Japan, Melbourne, Dublin, So Africa Hamburg AND Artists for our music festival on each of the Continents.

Peace & Joy,





LA,CA 2:30 8/8 pm 2:30 pm 8/8 LA Collisom

London 1:30 8/8 pm 8:30 8/8 am Wembley

Melbourn ll:10 8/8 am 9:10 8/8pm Aussie

Rio de Janeiro 4:00 8.8 pm 3:00 8/8pm Copacabana Beach

Tokyo 12:00 8/8 pm 11:00 8/8 pm Makuhari Messe

Shanghai 7:00 8/pm 7:00 8/8 am Oriental Perarl Tower

Johannesburg 6:00 8/8pm 12:00 8/8 pm Coca-cola Dome

Hamburg 2:00 8/8 pm 10:00 8/8 a HSH Nordbank Area

                                                                                                   NOAH’S ARK AT THE SKIRBALL

June 26, 2007

New children’s and family destination offers

fun, wonder and inspiration

LOS ANGELES—The Skirball Cultural Center announces the opening of Noah’s Ark at the Skirball—an innovative, delight-filled destination for children and families of all backgrounds—on June 26, 2007. Inspired by the ancient flood story of Noah’s Ark, which has parallels in hundreds of cultures around the world, this indoor and outdoor attraction offers a multi-sensory, interactive experience. It invites visitors to board a gigantic wooden ark and to play, climb, build, discover, nurture, problem-solve and collaborate alongside handcrafted, one-of-a-kind animals. These range from life-sized elephants and giraffes to snow leopards, flamingos and iguanas—186 species in all.

Five years in the making and occupying an 8,000-square-foot gallery space, Noah’s Ark at the Skirball will remain on view permanently. Affirming that people must work together for a brighter future, Noah’s Ark is integral to the Skirball Cultural Center’s educational mission to explore Jewish heritage with the goal of making connections within and among families, generations and cultures.

The galleries are divided into three distinct and lively zones embodying the central themes of the Noah’s Ark story:

                                              • Storms (meeting challenges),

                                              • Arks (finding shelter and community)

                                              • Rainbows (creating a more hopeful world).

The Noah’s Ark galleries were designed by Seattle-based Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects (OSKA), in consultation with the Skirball’s renowned architect, Moshe Safdie. They feature interactive

exhibits and experiences conceived by an in-house Skirball team, with Marni Gittleman as exhibit developer. The lofty ark spaces are populated with hundreds of fanciful animal puppets and figures,

many of them kinetic. These have been created by Brooklyn-based designer/puppeteer Chris M. Green and by OSKA principal Alan Maskin, in conjunction with the fabrication house Lexington.

Outdoors, the Noah’s Ark experience continues in a rustic arroyo garden with narrow paths and wooden bridges, featuring a rainbow mist installation developed by Safdie in partnership with MacArthur prize-winning environmental artist Ned Kahn. In addition, performances and special activities will be presented regularly in an adjacent 350-seat amphitheater.

“The Skirball Cultural Center was founded as a tent of welcome, where visitors of all ages and walks of life feel at home and part of a community,” says Dr. Uri D. Herscher, Founding President and CEO of the Skirball Cultural Center. “With the opening of Noah’s Ark at the Skirball, we are honored to offer a safe harbor—an ark—for children and families, a place that offers them a joyful, meaningful experience like no other.” Herscher continues, “The ancient flood story communicates a cogent message that our world desperately needs at this time—we must collaborate to survive and thrive, learn from the past and appreciate the gift of new beginnings.”

The Visitor Experience

Noah’s Ark at the Skirball is conceived as a journey, taking visitors on an ark voyage from a stormy world to dry land. Visitors are welcomed into a pre-flood zone, offering hands-on opportunities to make thunder, rain and wind using low-tech, mechanical sound devices and invented instruments. Upon entering the galleries, visitors mingle with pairs of life-size animal puppets from the five continents, all crafted from recycled materials—or, in many cases, everyday objects such as bottle caps, bicycle parts, baseball mitts, croquet balls, mop heads and rear-view mirrors.

While continuing to interact with the animals, visitors will help construct a floor-to-ceiling ark, load animals two by two and climb aboard. They will help the animals settle in, unpack shipping crates, climb rafters, feed the animals, clean up the living quarters and work together to keep everyone on board safe.

The ark also displays examples of Noah’s Ark–themed folk art from a collection gifted by philanthropist Lloyd Cotsen to the Skirball’s distinguished museum. These colorful objects from countries around the world underscore the universality of the ancient flood tradition.

Noah’s Ark at the Skirball culminates in a post-flood zone, where a special light feature transmits a rainbow across the gallery. Here, visitors can participate in facilitated activities to be scheduled throughout the year, including art making, storytelling, nature experiments, creative movement and spontaneous daily “happenings” initiated by a corps of multilingual gallery staff. Visitors can express their hopes for a better world and see them projected onto a large wall in the final gallery.

Upon exiting the gallery space, visitors encounter additional activities and performances in the adjacent amphitheater. As a final flourish, visitors can play in the soft mists emitted by the rainbow installation in the arroyo garden.

Noah’s Ark is intended to be a destination that families and school groups return to again and again,

with certain elements changing over time. Programming, ark props, folk art displays and games will rotate regularly. In addition, field trips for pre-K through second grade students will be offered during the school year, as well as after-school visits for students in renowned Los Angeles–based programs like Para Los Niños and L.A.’s BEST.

“We aspired to capture the best of art and children’s museums, cultural centers and parks,” remarks Sheri L. Bernstein, Skirball Director of Education. “And we have tried to create an experience that is both contemporary and timeless, that inspires people of all generations to work together to improve our world.”

About the Skirball Cultural Center

One of the world’s most dynamic Jewish cultural institutions, the Skirball Cultural Center opened to the public in 1996. Its mission is to explore the connections between four thousand years of Jewish heritage and the vitality of American democratic ideals. The Skirball seeks to welcome and inspire people of every ethnic and cultural identity, to build a society in which all of us can feel at home.

The Skirball features an extraordinary museum, changing exhibitions, engaging music, theater, comedy, film, family and literary programs, classes, Zeidler’s Café and Audrey’s Museum Store—all in a hillside setting designed by Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie. More than 500,000 people visit the Skirball each year. Its acclaimed school program annually serves over 50,000 students and teachers, of which 85% are from public schools.


                                                                    - 30  -


Dutchman Johan Huibers is building a working 1/5 th replica of Noah's Ark as a testament to his Christian faith.

The 47-year-old from Schagen, 45km (30 miles) north of Amsterdam, plans to set sail in September through the interior waters of the Netherlands.

Johan's Ark is a fifth of the size of Noah's and will carry farmyard animals.

Mr Huibers, who plans to open the vessel as a religious monument and zoo, hopes the project will renew interest in Christianity in the Netherlands.

Although Mr Huibers has tried to remain true to the ark described in the Bible, Johan's Ark is constructed with American cedar and Norwegian pine, rather than "gopher wood".

'Smell of dung'

According to Genesis, Noah kept seven pairs of most domesticated animals, and one breeding pair of all other creatures.

This will speak very much to children... they'll hear the creak of the wood, smell the smell of the dung

Johan Huibers

Noah's wife, three sons and three daughters-in-law lived together on the boat for almost a year while the world was flooded.

Mr Huibers' vision is more modest - he said he plans to stock his ark with horses, lambs, chickens and rabbits - mostly baby animals to save space.

"This will speak very much to children, because it will give them something tangible to see that Noah's Ark really existed," Mr Huibers told the Associated Press news agency.

The total cost of the project is estimated to be just under 1m euros (£0.7m; US$1.2m) and was funded with bank loans.

Mr Huibers plans to charge people to tour the boat and said a drink and religious pamphlet will be included in the admission price. At least 100,000 people will need to visit for the project to break-even financially.

Mr Huibers said his wife was not very keen on the idea.

"She always says: 'Why don't you go dig wells in Ethiopia?'," he said. "I've been involved in projects there before but she understands this is my dream."


Following is a video of his completed 20% to scale ark.........

if Noahs ARk Video does not load